Fencing Installation and Repairs

Our team can install and repair wood and chain-link fencing as well as chicken wire fencing to help keep rabbits out of your vegetable garden.

Wood Fencing

Wood Species for Oklahoma Gardens
Wood compliments any yard or garden due to its natural beauty. Wood can be stained, painted or left to age naturally. There are a variety of species used for fencing and outdoor projects due to their durability including cedar, redwood, cypress and pressure treated pine.

Selecting the species of wood for your fencing material factors in the look of the wood, how the wood ages and cost. Better wood grades generally equate to a longer lasting fence. The two most typical materials used in Oklahoma are cedar and treated pine.

Cedar is an excellent choice for wood fencing in Oklahoma. Cedar’s natural oils helps repel moisture (think about Oklahoma’s humidity and torrential rains) protecting the wood from decay and insects. Cedar fencing can be stained or left natural. When left natural, the color of cedar wood will turn gray as the fence ages. Stained or painted wood requires re-staining/re-painting throughout its lifetime.

Pressure Treated Pine
Pressure treated lumber is chemically treated (infused with chemicals) to resist rot, decay and insects. As a general rule, even with pressure treatment pine does not last as long a cedar fence installed above ground. It can be stained, painted or left “natural.” Stained or painted wood requires re-staining/re-painting throughout its lifetime.

Steel posts – never wood. We never recommend wood. There is too much wind, rain and other hazards that compromise wood fence posts in Oklahoma. If you want your fence to achieve maximum longevity, steel is the way to go.


We always install wood fencing above the ground to reduce the risk of moisture problems including rotting, warping and splitting.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link is a heavy-duty steel fencing that is durable, long-lasting and low maintenance making it a popular choice for homeowners and landlords. In Oklahoma chain link fencing provides the added advantage of allowing the high winds pass freely reducing the risk of wind storms damaging your fence. Chain link fence is available in heights of 42, 48, 60, and 72 inches.

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