Garden Structures and Hardscapes

Pergolas, Raised Planter Boxes, Backyard Decks, Pavers and more...

One of our favorite materials to enhance the beauty of your yard is wood. Natural, flexible, beautiful wood can be used to create permanent structures within your yard and garden that draw you in and make you and your friends want to spend more time in your private oasis. Add natural stone and concrete to the garden to define beds and paths.

MyYardTeam can design, build, fix and repair garden structures and hardscapes at reasonable rates. Request a free quote.

Pergolas bring visual interest and provide shade, privacy and define the entertainment area of your garden.
Raised Planter Boxes provide a defined space for your vegetable garden that helps save your back and weed control.
Backyard Deck is a natural gathering place. Add a pergola over the deck to help protect guests from direct sun.
Pavers are a beutiful way to add paths, edge garden beds or as an alternative for decking. Pavers are one of the easier hardscape DIY projects for homeowners.
Mixing Decking and Pavers is a beautiful way to anchor an above-ground-pool into your garden.
Decorative Fencing gives your garden a whimsical addition that can define spaces.

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